Md Abu Zaid (Faculty)


Md Abu Zaid

Assistant Professor (Chemistry),
Applied Science and Humanities

8804093488   |   [email protected]

Ph.D. (2019 - present): IIT Delhi, New Delhi.
M.Sc. Chemistry (2017 - 2019): IIT Bhubaneshwar, Orissa.
B.Sc. Chemistry(Hons.) (2013 - 2016): Langat Singh College, Muzaffarpur, Bihar.
Subject Expertise
Organic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Area Of Research
Synthesis of biologically active natural products and their analogues.
Synthesis of a library of skeletally distinct small and novel molecules with potential biological applications.
Total Synthesis of natural products.
Projects Executed
First Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Putative Structure of Scholarein-A and the Tetracyclic Dioxa-[]fenestrane Core of Asperaculin A.
List Of Publications
Salam, A.; Ray, S; Zaid, M. A.; Kumar, D.; Khan, T. Org. Biomol. Chem., 2019, 17, 6831.
Conference Attended (National/International)
21st European Carbohydrate Symposium held in Paris, France (9th July to 13th July, 2023).
Awards and Honors
Maulana Azad National Fellowship (2020)
CSIR - NET (Dec 2017): AIR - 22
IIT JAM (2017): AIR - 315
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