Mr. Keshab Kumar (Faculty)


Mr. Keshab Kumar

Assistant Professor,
Electronics And Communication Engineering

8436874158   |   [email protected]

B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering from NIT Durgapur
M.Tech in Microelectronics & VLSI Design from NIT Patna
Subject Expertise
VLSI Technology, Digital CMOS VLSI Design, Analog CMOS VLSI Design
Signal & System, Network Theory, Digital Electronics
Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications
Analog Circuits
Area Of Research
Analog Circuits
Low Noise Amplifier
List Of Publications
K. Kumar, B. C. Nagar and G. Pradhan Single OTA-based tunable resistorless grounded memristor emulator and it's application. Journal of Computational Electronics, pp. 549-559, (2022).
K. Kumar and B. C. Nagar New tunable resistorless grounded meminductor emulator. Journal of Computational Electronics, pp. 1-9, (2022).
A. Raj, K. Kumar and P. Kumar CMOS realization of OTA based tunable grounded meminductor. Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing 107(2), pp. 475-482, (2021).
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