Gec, West Champaran provides hostel facilities to boys & girls. It includes, spacious rooms, periodic maintenance of rooms, hygienic food. Application for admission to the hostel shall be made in the prescribed form. Caring warden and proper security ensure safe and pleasant stay for the students to focus on their studies.

Boys & Girls Hostel – Features:

1. Mess Facility: The boys’ hostel offers a top-notch mess facility, ensuring students receive balanced and nutritious meals.

2. Hygiene and Quality Food: Emphasis on hygiene is a priority. Food served is of high quality, prepared under strict sanitary conditions.

3. Spacious Accommodation: The hostel provides ample space, ensuring students have comfortable living quarters and personal areas.

4. Enhanced Hygiene Practices:Regular cleaning and sanitization routines maintain a clean and healthy living environment for all residents.

5. Robust Security:The hostel is equipped with a comprehensive security system, including surveillance and access control, ensuring residents’ safety.

6. WiFi Connectivity: High-speed WiFi is readily available, facilitating academic pursuits and keeping residents connected.

7. Recreational Areas: Common areas for relaxation and interaction contribute to a vibrant and inclusive hostel community.

8. Study-Friendly Environment: Quiet study zones are provided to enable students to focus on their academic commitments.

9. Emergency Services: Immediate assistance and support services are accessible round-the-clock for any unforeseen situations.

10. Proximity to Campus:The hostel’s convenient location ensures easy access to the academic buildings and facilities of the campus.

The boys’ & girls hostel offers a holistic living experience, with a strong focus on hygiene, security, and comfort. The availability of WiFi and quality food, along with spacious accommodation, make it an ideal choice for students.