The digital circuits laboratory is a unit of the Electronics and Communication Department, Government Engineering College , West Champaran, Bihar, India. This laboratory will enable the undergraduate students to learn the basic concepts and techniques in digital electronic circuits. The learning objective of this laboratory is to supplement the theory course of digital circuits with adequate introduction to both combinational and sequential logic circuits, such as, adders, subtractors, comparator, multiplexer/demultiplexer, encoders/decoders, 7-segment display and decoder/driver, flip-flop, register, counter, etc. and various combinations of these. This laboratory is equipped with FGs, CROs, PCs for software simulation, and Analog and Digital IC testers.

Experiment No.                                                          Name Of Experiment 
 1.                                    Verification of different Logic gates-NAND, NOR, AND, OR, XOR,
 2.                                    Verification of Truth Table of differnt gate inter connection.
 3.                                    Half and Full Adder & Subtractor circuits.
 4.                                     Code converters-

                                           (1) Binary to Gray      (II) Gray to Binary

5.                                    Magnitude Comparator.

6.                                    Study of flip flops JK, SR. T & D.

7.                                    Conversion from one flip flop to another.

8.                                    Design of asynchronous counter.

9.                                    Design of synchronous counter

10.                                 Design of shift registers